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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a Week!

This week was a great one! A lot of good things are in the works in
our area. There is a new fire in some of the members that is really
helping us out a lot. Every Sunday new people are coming to church,
which makes it so much easier on us.

Two weeks ago 4 new people were brought to church by a few a few of
our new members. Two of them live in our area and the other two are in
the other Elders area. All four of them now have baptismal dates and
will be baptized by the end of May. The work is so much easier when
the members help and do the finding for us! A few of our investigators
are even bringing people to church. AWESOME!

We have an investigator named Julieta that I am super happy about.
About a month ago we got a call from one of the members in Huambo
telling us that her brother just died and that her sister in-law could
really use a visit. So we went over to her house and taught about the
Plan of Salvation and it gave her a lot of hope and lifter her spirits
a little bit. This week she came to church with us for the first (I
think it was the first she had left the house since her husband had
passed away. One of those wierd traditions). It has been really cool
to see the change in her since she found out about the Restored
Gospel. We are super excited for her, she should be baptized towards
the end of May. She has 6 children that are all grown up and out of
the house that she trying to arrange for us to sit with. So far we
have sat with the oldest son and his family. This Gospel is going to
change the life of this family forever!

Oh yeah it was my Birthday this week too! It was an awesome day, full
of missionary work! I was on a division with Elder Pimentel, a
Brazilian Elder here in Lubango, and we had a great day together. Good
stuff! Oh yeah, one of our investigators came down from Luanda and
President Thompson sent some things with him, letters! A bunch from
Camille and one from Aunt Kris! Happy day!

We get to watch conference this coming weekend! I am super excited,
mostly because I’ll actually be able to understand it this time. Haha.
Last conference I maybe got the gist of a few talks… It will be really
good for all of the new members to see it for the first time. I don’t
think they really have any idea just how big the church really is.

It’s going to be an awesome week! Thanks for all of the love and
support! Have the greatest weeks of your lives!


Elder Hyde

Luke. Get feelin better buddy!
Syd. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing week!
Sam. I hope you had an awesome week sis!
Con. Props on gettin through finals!

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