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Monday, May 6, 2013

Conference Weekend

Conference Weekend!!! Only a month late... haha. We finally were able
to watch conference and it was so great. All of the talks were so
powerful and obviously inspired. I heard a lot of things that I really
needed to hear to help me be a better missionary. All of the talks on
marriage were great for a lot of our investigators. It was really cool
to see everyone realize just how big the church really is, it was the
first time seeing conference for probably about 70% of the people
there. It was so good for them to hear Elder Anderson's talk on
marriage. Especially the part about Mozambique. The quote he shared
was awesome. "We had to choose to follow the traditions of our fathers
or to follow Christ. We chose Christ." There are so many traditions
here that go against, or not in line with the Gospel. Hopefully we'll
see some changes in the hearts of some of our investigators over the
coming weeks. I can't wait to get the conference ensign in another few
months or so.

I am starting to realze the role of the Spirit a little bit more every
day. I have been trying really hard to "get out of the way" and let
the Spirit fulfill it's purpose. I have book by Elder Bednar and he
talks a lot about getting out of the way as we teach, be it as a
missionary or a sunday school teacher. At times as teachers we think
that we're the light, but really we're just the conduits and channels
of the light. It is so cool to see the Spirit work inside of an
investigator as they try to make big decisions like baptism. Example:
This week we were talking with one of our investigators named Jeff
about his baptism that should be in a few weeks, and we asked him what
he thaught of the date and he said he thinks he needs more time, that
it seems to soon. We just kinda brushed it off and finished teaching
the lesson. By the end we asked him again, and he said "how many weeks
are there?" We said three. And he replied "That's plenty of time!" We
just need to supply an atmosphere worthy of the Spirit and it'll do
the teaching.

The work is going great! I am so happy!

Thanks for all that you do! Have a great week! I love you all!


Elder Hyde

Con: Sick business idea bruh. Hit that up.
Syd: Props on the competition yo!
Sam: You looked gorgeous yet again at the dance!
Luke: Play hard for me brutha!!

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