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Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Week!

What a week! Elder Yeanoplos and I had an incredible first week together. It was probably one of the better weeks I have had in quite a while.

We found 4 really solid new investigators this week. Well one of them found us... Two of them are a couple with an awesome family. On Saturday we went and taught them the Restoration and they loved it! We taught the father to pray and I think it was the first time that he had prayed in a really long time. It is always so special to hear/see someone come into contact with the spirit again after being away from it for a while. We have big hopes for this family.

Now let me tell you about the investigator that found us. On Sunday during church someone came in and grabbed me and said that there was someone outside. I went out to see who it was and was suprised to see that it was a Phillipino man. I went out and he started speaking to me in English, it kinda threw me off for a second. He told me that he had been looking for the church for months now and that he was just now able to find it. He said that he has friends that are members that invited him to go find the church and investigate. He has been here in Lubango for 3 years now working as an electrical engineer. He does not speak a whole lot of Portuguese so I translated for him in Sacrament Meeting, after the meeting he said how much he loved it and that he wanted to learn more. So we scheduled to pass by his house a few hours later after church. We have now sat with him 2 times and taught him about the Restoration. He has already done a good amount of research so he already knew quite a few things. It was pretty cool, during our first lesson he put me on the phone with his Mormon friend that is living in Saudi Arabia, she was so excited to hear that the church was hear and the we had finally met Alex. He has already accepted the invite of Baptism and is super excited for the future. He expressed to us how he has always had material things but that that doesnt make him happy, he wants a happy family and real happiness. He has 4 kids and they have great relationships but he wants a wife that he can be happy with. He is totally going to marry the girl that he put me on the phone with. I dont know if he knows it yet but Im calling it. :) Such a cool experience! I will keep you updated on his progress.

Our area is doing great and we are loving the work. There are a lot of bright things in the future for our little branch of Lubango!

I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all so much!


Elder Hyde

Luke! Happy B Day Brotha! I am a big fan of the birthday blessings by the way!
Con! Sick email bruh. You are a champ.
Sam! That is so cool about the fundraiser you are guys are going to make such a difference!
Syd! I am glad that you are planning on settling down this next year, Î think its a good decision:)

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