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Monday, April 22, 2013


What an incredible week! Things are really starting to take off here
in Lubango.  There is such a positive vibe here.

Let me start by talking about yesterday. Yesterday was probably one of
the best Sundays I have had thus far on my mission. With both
companionships combined we had a total of 27 investigators at church!
There honestly wasn’t room for everyone in our little chapel. I also
spoke yesterday in Sacrament Meeting about sacrifice. I felt really
good about it, and I hope that it helped at least a few of the people
in the congregation. It was definitely the longest I have ever talked,
I think I went a little of 20 minutes.  The Lord has been blessing our
areas so much, and I am so excited for the coming months and weeks.

I’ll tell you a little more about our new investigator Alex (The
Philipino). He is doing so well! He has only known about the restored
Gospel for about a week now and he is already letting it change his
life. He is a programmer at one of the big companies here in Lubango
and he said that it is an incredibly stressful job, but ever since he
has been talking with us he has been able to stay a lot more calm and
even do things that he’s never been able to do before in the company.
We are so excited for him! He will be being baptized here in the next
few weeks or so.

We have a fair amount of investigators that are progressing very well.
May should be a really good month for Lubango! I am so grateful for
all of the help that the Lord has been giving us. We’ve passed a few
dry months but things are really starting to pick up now.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! You are all too good to me!
Have a great week!


Elder Hyde

Luke: Thank you so much for the email bro! And for scoring 5 goals for me!!
Sam:  You looked gorgeous once again!
Squid: I hope you had an awesome B day! Thanks for the email!
Con: Props on the new imprego! That’ll be sick to get paid doin what
you like to do.

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