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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!!

What a great week to be a missionary! I hope that you all had as good of a week as I did.

With it being the week of Easter I decided to really study the last week of our Saviors life. I dont think I ever realized just how many things happened leading up the Resurrection and Crucifixion. It is crazy how every single day I am growing closer and closer to He whom I am representing. This is such a special opportunity. It is especially special on days like Easter and Christmas. 

So for the past 5 months ever since I have gotten here we have been working super hard on finding the families that need this branch and that this branch needs, and we havent seen oodles of success up until this point. It is especially difficult because I think about 3.5% of the country is actually married legally. But this week we were super blessed to start teaching 2 awesome/married families. One of the families that we started teaching lives FAR away... but luckily they are pretty well off and have the means to get to the church. I am pretty sure that Elder Sande and I were the first missionaries to ever make it out there, it is a place called Kewawa. When we finally got out to their house they gave us the treatment! Cold drinks, the works... It was nice. Two weeks ago we were called by a member in Huambo to go and meet with her family here in Lubango who had just recently lost a family member. We told them about the Plan of Salvation and the hope that it gives us. They were thrilled to have us over to their house again to learn more. We pray that they will do what we ask and receive the blessing of the Gospel!

Yesterday was an awesome Sunday! We almost had a new record for sacrament meeting attendance with 95 people. It was great. Elder Sande and I had 11 investigators there which was so nice to see! 

This week we are losing 5 Elders from the ranks. I think these will be the first Elders that will have gone home since I have been here. It has been cool to learn from them and see how they have dedicated themselves to the work. This week is also transfers and we are going to be getting 2 more Elders down here. I will be training which should be a super awesome experience. The only problem is that the new coming Elders still do not have their visas... So it will just be me and Elder Hansen down here working both our areas until they get here, his companion isnt coming down until the new guys get here. Lets hope and pray that it is soon!

Well I hope that you all had an awesome Easter! I sure did. Have a great week! 


Elder Hyde

Con. Dont have to much fun at disneyland...
Syd. I hope you have a nice relaxing week sis!
Sam. That goes for you too! 
Luke. I heard about your sick goal last week in Soccer! Try to control con at Disneyland for me.

I hope that you all had an awesome Easter! 

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