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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter

Today was a very rewarding week. It was one of those weeks where you see some of the fruits of your labors.

So President Thompson and Sister were down here with us this weekend which was awesome. He came down to do some priesthood advancement interviews and things like that. It was really nice to spend some time with them. I love the 3 Elders down here with me, but it is always great to see new faces. So yesterday in Church two of our recent converts received the Melchizedek Priesthood! Toni and Henriques, they were both baptized back in December. It has been so cool to see their conversion, the Gospel has truly changed their lives. Their priorities have taken a total 180. Henriques was also made Elders quorum President, the first one this branch has ever had! Up until now President Marques the branch president has been the only Melchizedek Priesthood holder and I think that has been something truly holding the branch back a bit. But, now it's all uphill! One of our other converts, Leonel, is getting pretty close to being advanced as well, we'll see what happens!

Other than that, the week was a pretty normal one. FIND, FIND, FIND. We are still working super hard on getting a solid family, but it's not super easy. 

This is my companion, Elder Sande's last week in the mission field so we're going to make sure it is a good one!

Sorry that this email is super short... I hope you all have an awesome week!


Elder Hyde

Con, Don't have to much fun in Cali
Sam, I'm glad to hear that the Gala was a success!
Syd, Love ya sista! I hope you have a relaxing spring break!
Luke, Lebron to Messi! Play hard and nice bro!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Out of the Bucket!

One more awesome week down! It is so crazy how fast time goes by... 

All of our investigators are doing super well right now. This week we were able to mark another baptismal date with one of our investigators named Gervasio that we have been teaching for a super long time. He's a super cool guy and will be a super big help to the branch here. One of our other investigators named Augusto is doing super well. I am so impressed by his desire to do what is right and please God. We are hoping for him to be baptized here in the next few weeks or so. 

Yesterday was our first Sunday since Elder and Sister Violin left, it was definitely a lot different. I don't think the members realized just how much they did. With them being gone it is going give a lot of the members a chance to step up. It was pretty bitter sweet with them leaving, bitter because they did so much for us and sweet because we inherited their house. I took my first real shower in 8 months this week! I'm out of the bucket! haha. We always have running water now and on top of that we have a water heater! Life is good!

One of the things that we have a difficult time with with our investigators and members is getting them to live the culture of the Gospel rather than the culture of the country. There are hundreds of tribes and they all have their own wierd traditions. Just a few examples of wierd traditions: Mothers aren't supposed to leave the house for 3 months after having a baby. When someone dies (which is sadly way too often), they have what's called an Obito, which usually lasts for about a week and they all just sit at the persons house and eat and drink. Obito's take priority over everything.. It's understandable when it's your brother or something like that but most people at the Obito's hardly even knew the person that died. It's been cool to see how the lives of the members here are changing as they live and apply the Gospel in their lives and homes. Angolans just have a super hard time letting go of their traditions that they've been living forever, usually they don't even know why they do the things they do. 

The work is going well! I love you all so much and am so grateful for all your support! Keep on Keepin' on!


Elder Hyde

Con, Glad to see you had a good time with the Utes in Vegas
Sam, You looked gorgeous at the dance!
Syd, I hope life is good squidster!
Luke, Good luck in your last game this week dude! Win for me!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Awesome Week

I had another awesome week! Let me tell you all about it.

This week I was able to see a lot of answers to a lot of prayers. This past week as we were doing our shoping on P-day and one of the employees stopped me and asked me who I was and all that stuff. He was super interested in our message and what these white guys were doing here in the middle of Angola. A few days ago we were able to have our first lesson with him and it was by far one of the best lessons I've had on the mission yet. His name is Augusto and he is an incredibly humble guy. We taught him the Restoration and he absolutely loved it. He was dying to know our meetings were and how he could learn more. He showed up to church on Sunday in a suit all ready to go. This branch really needs more men that will be able to be leaders and help move the branch along. Augusto is one of those guys. He was definitely an answer to a prayer. 

This Sunday was the last Sunday with the Violin's, and it was super special. They both spake in sacrament meeting and you could really tell just how much they love these people and dedicated they are to the work. I have been incredibly impressed by the way they have been able to dedicate themselves. They truly have given this work all that they've got and have made a huge difference here in Lubango. Yesterday we went to Tundavala with them for the last time and it was an awesome experience. The pictures just don't do its justice. It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

All of our other investigators are doing great. We were able to get 8 of them to church this Sunday. By the way things are going right now we should have a few baptisms by the end of the month.  I pray that the Lord keeps blessing us here in Lubango! 

I was thinking about the mission this week and realized that it's a lot like golf, it is really hard and pretty frustrating at times but every once in a while you hit a good shot and it makes you want to keep playing. I love this mission so much and am so grateful for all of these opportunities that the Lord is blessing me with. I have learned so much over these last past months. I wouldn't trade this time as a representative of the Lord for nothing! 

I hope you all have an awesome Spring Break! I love you! 


Elder Hyde

Monday, March 4, 2013

Awesome Week!

The work continues to go forward!

I had a pretty good week, definitely not the best that I've ever had but it was still good:) Elder Sande and I were able to find a few new people this week that have really liked what they've heard so far. Cool little story: Last night we went over to Leonel's, one of our recent converts, house to see how he was doing and he had a friend there that we invited to sit in on the lesson. We asked him if Leonel had told him anything about us or the church and he said no not really but that one of his friends that now lives in Luanda had told him a little about the church and gave him a Book of Mormon awhile ago. We asked him if he had been reading and he said "Yeah I read it every once in a while". So we got into the lesson and talked a little about the Book of Mormon and he kinda came out of his shell, apperently he reads it a lot! haha. (Sadly maybe even more then Leonel...). He was able to tell us a lot about a few of the prophets. He said he loves it and knows that it has good principles and everything necessary to build a good character. Anyways long story short, you never know what sharing your testimony or just planting a little seed will do. DO IT! His name is Leonardo and a super cool kid, we had him come play soccer with us today and we're going to go teach him tomorrow. Good stuff!

Another good thing that happened this week, we were able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators named Ilda. She is the "wife" of Julio, the guy that was baptized 20 years ago in Germany. Sadly he has kinda fallen off the map and us or her can't really find him. But she realizes that salvation is individual and she wants to take this next step in her life. She chose March 30th, which will be Elder Sande's last Saturday of his mission. I pray that everything goes according to plan!

Life is going well and I am loving this work! Sorry there's not a ton of info in this email... I love you all and am so grateful for all the support! 


Elder Hyde

SAM: Good work girly!! I'm so proud of ya!
SYD: Thanks for the email yo! I'm glad that you're feeling better! 
Con: It's your time to win now!
Luke. I love you buddy have a good week!!