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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I love Christmas! I love it!

One of the best weeks so far on the mission for sure! So many awesome things happened and are continuing to happen.
Lets talk about Christmas first. AWESOME! We had such a good time and really felt the TRUE spirit of Christmas. The 4 Elders from Huambo were here and that was super fun. We all had a blast together. On Christmas Eve we went to Tundavala (that huge cliff), and just hung out and took some pictures. One of the coolest places ever. Then after that we went over and had an incredible meal at the Violin´s house. While we ate we watched a slide show of pictures from everyone in the mission. Super cool. (Momma could you insert the link to it here?). Christmas morning we all woke up and did White Elephant. Since we are all the stranded ones down here away from Luanda no one had packages yet so we did our own gift exchange. It was so fun! I ended up with fun little chess set. Then after that we went Caroling to a few of the Member families. It was so cool! After that we went and had a little BBQ at the Violin´s and just hung out and enjoyed the awesome day. I got to call a few of my old investigators/members up in Luanda and that was super nice to talk with them! Christmas night was alright I guess... Seeing the fam was cool. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! So good to see and hear all of you! You all look so good and happy! Best Christmas present for sure!!! I love you guys!! It was so special to be able to celebrate Christmas here in the mission field. The spirit was so strong the whole day! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our Savior here in Angola!
The rest of the week was also awesome! We were able to get in some really awesome lessons. I think I´ve mentioned him before, Julio. He got baptized in Germany about 20 years ago and just found us a few weeks ago. We have been trying really hard to help him, cuase he has quite a few problems right now cause he has been so far away from the church for so long and just now realized it was here in Lubango. But since we´ve first started meeting with him we have gotten him to stop drinking and he has been to church for the past 3 weeks. We had an incredible lesson with his family yesterday, his wife isn´t a member and he has 2 little boys. So cute. He brought his wife to church yesterday and this next week they´ll bring the boys. So cool to see the spirit coming back into this guys life!
Sorry this email is a little short... Just know that I am extremely happy and loving what I´m doing. This message that we have is so incredibly powerful and is changing people´s lives here in Lubango! I am so grateful that the Lord has put me where I am right now. I love Him.
Have a Happy New Years! 2013 is going to be an awesome year!!!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of the support!
Elder Hyde
Con. Holla bruh. Thanks for the sic email. Shred hard.
Syd. Love ya yo. So good to see you! I hope you had fun boarding!
Sam. Thanks for the email! You rock! I hope your body heals okay!
Luke. I hope that new iPod is treating ya good buddy! I love you!

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