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Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Times!

I love this work. I truly don´t think there is anything better than it.
I had another really good week. The work is coming along super well. Let me tell you how.
First off I got an awesome call from Elder Kelsey this last week (He is currently working in my old area) and he gave me an update on Kifika. He said that he is doing really and is at church without fail every single week. What a champ. He also told me that this last week he made T-Shirts. The week before I left that area I gave Kifika a picture of Christ to put up in his house and I guess he used the picture to make some t-shirts. haha. He said they have that picture of Christ and underneath it says, "The People of Nephi".  A phrase that he loves. haha. I was so happy to hear that he is on the right path. The Book of Mormon completely changed this guys life. So cool!
Elder Sande and I have been teaching a guy named Cristiano for the last few weeks, he is a reference from one of the members down here. He has been doing super well and he is going to be baptized here in two weeks or so. He is a super awesome guy. He has a pretty lonely life and he has loved all of the support and love he receives from the branch.
Albertina, the woman that was baptized a little more than a month ago, told us a cool story this last week as we were teaching her about Fasting. I guess that she fasted for 2 days leading up to her baptism! She is such a spiritual lady and will do amazing things for the church here. Such strong faith.
We are working super hard on strengthening the current members of the church. We really need a solid foundation before we can grow to much more. Tonight me and Elder Sande are going to have a branch family night that we will start doing every monday. There are a lot of members who don´t really have a solid family or anyone to do Family Night with so we thaught this would be a good way to help them.
Yesterday was another awesome Sunday. I love Sundays! I feel like every Sabbath we have more and more people at church and the spirit keep getting stronger and stronger. I taught Gospel Principles yesterday and it was my first time so it was a little nerve racking but I got through it. haha.
I am loving life! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord here in Angola! I hope that all is well back home!
I love you all so much! Sorry the email was a little short, it took a little while with the pictures.
Elder Hyde
Con- #SGS!! You da man!
Sam- You looked gorgeous at Prom!!
Syd- Love ya sis!
Lukey- Keep killin it on the court buddy! I´m your biggest fan!

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