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Monday, December 17, 2012

Lovin Life!

Another awesome week! Life is good!
We had a really special baptism this last Saturday. I think I've
mentioned him a lot, Felix. He was really excited because he got to
see his best friend Toni get baptized two weeks ago and this week it
was his turn. We always let them bare their testimonies after they're
baptized and bore probably one of the best yet since I've been here.
He expressed how he never would have pictured himself at where he is
right now. I love seeing people like Felix totally change themselves
for the Gospel, there is nothing better.
The first missionary coming out of this branch left yesterday for the
field! His name is Osvaldo and he's serving in Mozambique. So cool.
There is another guy named Claudencio that is preparing to go that
will be a super good missionary. They walk with us quite a bit so they
have a little head start going into the field. It is such a testament
to the church that these guys that have only been baptized for maybe 2
years are now dedicating 2 more years to the church. So cool.
I'm still getting adjusted to having a native companion, it is
definitely something new for me. It's obviously still the same work
and the same message but it's just an adjustment that is going to
teach me a lot! Haha it's funny, now everywhere that we go I'm the
only white guy, it's pretty funny.
We have an investigator named Gervasio that has been being taught for
about a year now. He is a manager at the big grocery store here so he
has a really hard time getting Sundays off. But we had an awesome
lesson with him about courage and the blessing we receive from
obedience to the commandments and since then he has been to church the
last two weeks. He hadn't been a single time since I've been here. I
guess he's made it work so he can start later. So pumped for him.
We're going to pass by his house tonight and see what's up. He's said
he's been praying hard about a baptisimal date, so we'll see!
I love being a missionary so much. There isn't a day that goes by
where I don't see a tender mercy from the Lord. He keeps placing truly
prepared people in our path. This branch here in Lubango is in a
critical stage right now, it needs members that are ready to lead. And
I believe we have quite a few investigators that are going to be those
I hope you are all having an awesome holiday season! Cause I sure am!
I love you all!

Elder Hyde

Lukey, Nice job on the big win this week bro! I'm excited to talk to
you in a week!
Sam, The dance looked fun! You looked gorgeous!
Syd, You're a champ yo. Hope you get dance off for the holidays.
Con, Breath bruh, finals are over.

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