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Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's A New Year!

What is up everyone!? It was a super awesome week here in Lubango.
New Years Eve was pretty fun, we were able to stay up until midnight and bring in the new year. Elder Montgomery and I stayed up and the other 2 older elders went to bed. LAME. We sat outside and watched fireworks that were going off by a big statue of Christ up on the mountain. Super awesome way to bring in the New Year. I can´t complain at all. I am so excited to start this new year that I truly will be able to dedicate 100 percent to the Mission and these amazing Angolan people.
This weekend the Thompsons and another Brazilian couple from Luanda came down here and have been with us for the last few days or so. It has been so fun! I have so much respect for President Thompson he is an awesome man. On Saturday night we were all able to sit down and just chill with and we each got an interview. He had some awesome advice for me and how to best deal with my current companion. Today we spent most of the day with them. We went to Lunch at a really nice restaurant. AWESOME FOOD. And after that we went and saw some sites. We went to a place called Serra de Leba, that is absolutely beatiful. I think Sister Thompson will post some of the pictures on the mission blog. And next week I´ll try to send some pictures. After that we went to "Cristo Rei" which is a big statue of Christ up on the mountain it was super cool to just chill up there and look out over our kingdom, LUBANGO. I love it here so much, we have a lot of amazing people that we are working with! Here in a few weeks we should have a few baptisms.
I love Fast Sundays! Fasting as a missionary is such an incredible opportunity. We had a solid 7 investigators at church on Sunday, and that´s a good thing because the Testimony meeting was incredible. So many people bore such powerful testimonies on the power of the Gospel in their lives. It is so cool to see the progress of these people that were baptized such a short time ago. 3 out of the 5 doing the sacrament are investigators that Elder Kelsey and I baptized, so cool! The other 2 were Elder Montgomery and I. haha. It was fun to get back into the sacrament passing game.
I´m sure you are all getting sick of hearing how much I love this work, but you´re going to have to deal with it because that´s not changing. The power of the Gospel is something incredible. As we truly focus our lives around it and it´s principles we are promised such amazing blessings. It is going to be a good year! God bless us, Everyone!!!
I love you all!
Elder Hyde
Luke- Swag alert!!!!!! Dude you look so good in your b-ball stuff. Keep scorin for me man.
Con- Loved the snowboarding pics. Happy semester!!!
Sam- Awesome email as usual! Keep killin it!
Syd- You looked awesome at Art with Heart! Keep bein awesome!!!

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