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Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome Week!

It was another awesome week! You guys are probably getting sick of hearing that at the start of every email... haha
Let´s talk about what happened! It was a pretty normal week work but definitely had some highlights! The first highlight is how awesome Julio and his family are doing. I think I talked about him a few weeks ago, he was baptized in Germany 20 years ago and has been VERY lost for the last 10 years. Since we started meeting with him about 2 months ago he has completely stopped drinking and now he brings his "wife" and two kids to church every Sunday. We are teaching his wife and him together and they are loving everything! She is super excited to be baptized, they just need to get married first. Which should happen here in the next month or so! I am so excited for them! You can see a totally different light in his eyes, and we all know that´s becuase the Holy Ghost has started to enter back in his life. This Gospel is one powerful thing!!! They are going to be one awesome eternal family!
I also gave my first talk yesterday! I won´t lie I was pretty nervous cause it was my first talk in Portuguese and I was asked to talk for 20 minutes... Luckily the spirit helped me out a little bit and I felt super good about it! I spoke about the Plan that God has for everyone of us. It was a really good topic because there were a lot of people in the congregation that are going through some real tough times and I think it was reasuring for them to know that God truly hasn´t forgotten them and that these dificulties will only make them that much stronger in the long run. Good stuff!!
I am loving this work so much! There is not a day that goes by were the hand of the Lord doesn´t have an influence on this work. I am also super pumped about all of our recent converts! They are all there with out fail every single week. Lubango has a very bright future!!
Transfers also happened this week......... and nothing changed down here in Lubango, we are all going to be staying. Which I am super excited about! I am content staying down here for a long time!
It sounds like it was an awesome week in B Town! One amazing Sister is being added to the ranks this week!
Keep on keepin´ on!!!
Elder Hyde
Con Thank for all the pics bruh. Keep it rulll
Sam Have fun at Junior Prom!!!
Syd Props on the competitions!!!!
Luke You´re a stud bro!!!

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