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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Update

What’s up everybody! Let me tell you about my week.

It was another productive week for us; we were able to find a few families that seem like they have some real potential to really help things down here in this branch.  Our main focus every week is trying to find families that will help this branch grow the way that it needs too.

Yesterday was one of the best testimony meetings that I’ve been in since I’ve gotten here in Angola. A lot of our recent converts got up and bore super strong testimonies about their gratitude for the Restored Gospel in their lives. It’s such a testament to the power that it has. They still don’t know much but they are doing and living the things that they know they need to and are receiving tons of blessing in return.

There is a member here named Rui who was baptized in Portugal about 10 years ago that we sit with every week who has been doing awesome lately. He is a very special dude to say the least, and has the craziest OCD that you could ever imagine. But over the past 2 months we have seen him grow a ton! We have been able to help him prepare to receive the priesthood, get to church on time every week (He used to come like an hour and a half late every week), and now he is blessing and passing the sacrament every week. So cool to see! 

The work is coming along awesome! The Lord is definitely helping us out big time. 

This week we are heading up to Luanda on Friday to have a mission conference with Elder Cook of the Seventy. I am super stoked! It is going to be so good to see all of the other missionaries and hear the revelation that Elder Cook has received for Angola. 

It's crazy that this week I hit my 6 month mark here in Angola! Time has absolutely flown by! I have learned so much over these past 8 months as a missionary. This truly is the Lord's work and he certainly has a hand in it. 

I love you all so much and hope that you all have the best week of your lives!


Elder Hyde

Con, Good luck on that found of bus test!
Syd, Thanks for the email yo! Keep on dancin on!
Sam, It's sounds like your doing great kiddo! You're awesome!
Lukey, you're the man bro! Good job on your game this week!

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