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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have a new home now! This place is so awesome/beautiful. Let me tell you about my week.
Tuesday was a really good day. Elder Hobbs and I went around to all of our awesome investigators/members to say goodbye to them. I am so glad that I had a day to do that. It was kind of a bitter sweet day, because I was so excited to go down to Lubango but then at the same time I was very sad to say goodbye to all of our awesome investigators. They'll be taken care of:) I'm excited to hear about their progress from the other Elders.
Then Wednesday was the big transfer day. We had spent quite a bit of time getting all of my things together and things like that making sure that I would be able to fit it all into my suitcases. Slightly typical of our house the power was out so I was only able to wash half my clothes:) But, it's all good, I just put the gross/stinky ones in a plastic bag and it was all good. One of the Senior Couples (the Abdo's from Brazil) came and picked me up at about 9 to take me to the airport. It was nice as I was getting checked in and everything we didn't have any problems, they didn't even care that my bags were over weight. Then I waited for a bit before I went through security because President Thompson was coming to give me some stuff to take down with me. Also some Elders came and said bye to me. It was really sweet. Then it was time to go through security... They gave me grief at about every place they had to see my passport (we only care around a notarized copy just to be safe) but they weren't stopping me. I usually just sat there for a few seconds and pulled the missionary card and then they all let me through:) I won't lie it was super wierd being alone! But I made it safe and sound. The flight was only about an hour long and when I landed Elder Violin (Senior Couple down here) and my new companion Elder Kelsy were waiting for me. It was awesome. Elder Kelsy has been out for about 18 months now and is super experienced. He is in the Marine corp which is really cool. He works like he's in the Marine corp. haha. It will be really good for me. We are working HARD. This place is really awesome! It was so nice to fly in and see green mountains! So epic. I feel like I'm actually in Africa now! (Scenery wise).
This Sunday was really good! They played conference this week instead of last week so I got to doses! Basically, just another try to try and understand. Haha. It was really great. The chapel here is tiny! Our house is basically the garage of the chapel. It's awesome. We are in the process of finding a new chapel because it doesn't really fit all of the people here. We'll see what happens.
This place is awesome and from the few days that I have had to work here I am very confident that we are going to find lots of success! Sorry this email isn't incredibly uplifting... I'm lovin' life! Thanks for all of your support!! I love you all!
Elder Hyde

1. Me in the rain here in Lubango. It rained a ton!
2-3. Elder Kelsy and I and Elder Montgomery and I.
4. Us watchin conference in our cute little chapel.
5. Me saying goodbye to Luanda.
6. President Thompson and I.

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