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Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Week!

What a week! A lot of really awesome things happened. Let me tell ya.
First off we had two awesome baptisms! One of them was a man named Sebastião, he´s the coolest guy ever. I feel like whenever we teach him he usually ends up teaching us. haha. The other was a woman named Aida, she´s a single mom with 3 awesome little kids. I have seen such a change in her life since I got here. I will try to send some pictures of the baptism:)
I also had the opportunity of confirming Aida yesterday at church. SO COOL! I was super nervous about what I would say with my fairly limited portuguese vocabulary. It was actually one of the coolest experiences yet on my mission though. I love the spirit. Once I started the blessing my nerves were gone and the words just kinda flowed.
It sounds like General Conference was awesome! We were only able to watch Priesthood Session. President downloaded it and we went and watched it last night. It was so good! Every single talk was so powerful. It definitely was my favorite Priesthood session yet. We will get to watch all of conference in 2 weeks when they send out the dvds. I´m stoked!
So basically the whole country of Angola is out of water right now. Luckily we´ve only been without it for about 4 days, there are some people that are going on weeks. Luckily we have nice neighbor that lets us come and get some out of her huge tank. We´re kinda on the shower every 3 days schedule here:) I´m not complaining at all though! Life is so good here! We have a ton of investigators that are making real solid progress!
Kifika update. He came to church with us yesterday and it was awesome! We also had a really awesome lesson with him this last week and I think he is really making real good progress. He actually just called me and said that he wants us to come over so right after this we will be heading over to his place. Keep praying for him because he has a ton of potential!!
I love you all so much!! Thanks for everything!
Elder Hyde
Syd. loved the email yo. Keep dancin.
Con. Nice chat.
Lukey! You da man!!! Keep bein a stud!

This is Ventura from our branch that left on his mission to Mozambique this week. Super cool!

Elder Rainbolt and I filling up the font

Sebastião and his daughter


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