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Monday, October 22, 2012

Transfer Week

I think I say this every week, but this week was absolutely incredible! I'm a fan of this whole Missionary thing. 

I'll start with the big news. I am being transfered down to a provinice called Huila! The main city is called Lubango. It is located in the center of Angola (about an hour and half plane ride away). I am so excited! The area is still fairly new and as of right now the branch has around 50 members. I should be flying down there on Thursday to meet up with the other 3 Elders that are there. From what I hear it is absolutely beautiful, and not nearly as hot as Luanda. Thank heavens! It is starting to get very hot... To be honest, I thought that I would be staying here in my area for sure and that Elder Hobbs would be leaving, but I was wrong! There is a little sadness that I will be leaving behind all of my awesome investigators but I'm sure they will be taken care of. Woo!!

This week was really awesome. All of our investigators never cease to amaze me. We have an investigator named Orlando who found the church through Mormon.org. He is an incredible guy. He saught out the church because he realized that he needs a change in his life. He is about 45 and has been separated from his wife for about a year and wants to make the changes necessary to go back to her and his two little kids. We taught him the Restoration about 2 weeks ago and ever since he has been progressing like a champ. This week we taught him The Plan of Salvation and he really loved it. It all clicked really well for him. He expressed to us that ever since we had started seeing him and ever since he has been reading The Book of Mormon he has been feeling a real change in his life, he says he feels something different inside him (the spirit). I am some what bummed that I have to leave him but at the end of the day it isn't me doing the work it is the spirit so it really doesn't matter who is there teaching him. 

We got to see General Conference this week! It was so awesome! How it works here is that the branch aks as if Conference was this week and plays Conference on Sunday instead of usual meetings. We had 131 people there on Sunday! New record! And everyone of them got to hear the words of their Prophet. So cool. We had a lot of investigators show up and they all really enjoyed it. It was all in Portuguese, so to be honest I didn't understand a ton but the things I did understand were awesome! It seemed like it was focused a lot on Families. They must be important or something.... Also, Aunt Meg had some nice shots! That made me so happy to see!

This week was probably one of the best since I have been here. I love this work so much! The church is true! This Gospel is a very powerful thing.

I love you all!


Elder Hyde

Syd- Get that U up sista! Thanks for the email!
Sam- You're a champ! It sounds like you had an awesome week.
Con- Holla at Crimson Nights. Thats dope that youre so involved.
Luke- You're the man bro! I love you so much! Have a good game this week!

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