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Monday, November 5, 2012

Week Two in Lubango!

 It was a really awesome week! I am getting adjusted to life here in Lubango.
It was nice the other day Elder Hobbs gave me a call and updated me on all of my old investigators. Kifika is a champ! He said that he hasn't drunk since the day I left. I asked Elder Hobbs to call me next time he's with him so I can chat with him. He said that everyone else is still kind of where they were at, but that there should be a few baptisms in the next few weeks. Woo!
Elder Kelsey and I have some really awesome investigators that we are teaching. We have a guy named Henrique who they had been teaching for a few months but then he went out of town for about 3 weeks and we got to sit with him this week. We had a really awesome lesson with him and he is going to be being baptized on Saturday, he is more than ready. That will be the first baptism in Lubango for the past 3 months. We also have a fellow named Antonio who is a way cool guy. We have sat with hime about 4 times since last week. He is about 30 years old and found the church by seeing someone with The Book of Mormon and asking them for our number. He should be being baptized the first part of December. We also made a lot of good contacts this week. We have a thing that President Kretly started called "Qualified Contacts", it basically helps us narrow down the people that are really going to help the church grow. Priesthood holders and families. A few of the contacts that we made throughout the week even showed up to church yesterday without us even sitting with them yet. Super cool.
Church was awesome yesterday. I love getting to know all of the members here. Yesterday we had about 70 people at church, it was awesome. Funny/Embarrasing story.. So I was giving the closing prayer in sacrament meeting and at one point during the prayer I said "Tambem" (also) and a few people thaught I said "Amen", so like half the congregation said amen and I looked up wondering what was going on and then just went back to my prayer. haha. It was super funny. I don't think I 'm going to use that word in my prayers for the next little while.
 It rains a ton down here in Lubango, I have gotten some good use out of my rain jacket. As we speak it is raining so hard that I can barely hear from the rain hitting the roof. Haha.
It was a very spiritual week this week. We saw some major tender mercies. For instance, the cell service was down so we couldn't call the guy we were meeting and we had to find his house on some random street and we were literally guided right to the guys house. The spirit is such a powerful tool, if we use it. The Lord truly is mindful of each and everyone of us. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve these people and help them realize that they have a loving Savior.
I love you all!
Elder Hyde
Luke: I love you big guy! I hope you're shooting those 3's!
Sam:That is so cool about what your doing with World Joy! I hope the event goes well!
Syd: You're almost to High School! haha. You're awesome.
Con: KONY 2012. Have fun on the cruise ya turkey.

1. Elder Kelsey hiding from the rain.
2. Nossa Casa (garage)

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