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Monday, September 9, 2013

What A Week!

Well this week was a swell one. It was probably one of the most progressive weeks that I´ve had in this area. The Lord is really blessing us with some very prepared and elect people to teach. I cannot express how great it is to teach someone that is ready to hear that we´re teaching, they absorb it all in and apply it. Let me tell you about some of this weeks experiences. 

So awhile back I talked about an investigator of ours named Betinha. We started teaching her and her 3 kids about a month ago (her husband died a few years ago). Her sister is a member in Portugal and somehow got her contact to us. Anyways, they are probably one of the most faithful families that I have met here in Angola. They know their Bible well and they have been raised with great standards. It´s rare to see a son hug his mother here. Betinha´s kids hug her and love her, I love it. Last week they made it to church for the first time and we were so excited. They hadn´t been able to come the previous 4 weeks because they are super strong in their baptist church and have some responsibilities there. But this week we had 3 really powerful lessons with them and committed them all to be baptized the 5th of next month. They all accepted under the stipulation that they have to receive a confirmation that it is what Heavenly Father wants for them. We reassured them that He most definitely will confirm it to them. They are reading the Book of Mormon daily and understanding it better than I do. It´s incredible. She made it to church again this week. There are great things in the future for this family! I´ll keep you updated. 

This week we also started teaching the women that I talked about last week. (The one whose son was baptized in Portuga) She is so incredibly prepared. On Saturday night we sat and had a lesson with her and she just broke down in tears expressing to us her needs and problems. She has a 15 year old son that is giving her a ton of grief, he got kicked out of school, leaves the house when ever he wants, and never talks to her. Her father passed away last month. And she just doesn´t know what more she can do. We bore testimony of the power of the Gospel when practiced properly and promised her that this is exactly what she needs right now. She was so grateful and you could tell that a part of her burden was lifted off her shoulders. Yesterday her she showed up with her kids at church and loved it! Even her trouble child came. And I think he really liked the Young Men in the branch. I´m super excited for this family! We are going to teach them again tomorrownight. I´ll keep you updated on their progress!

Also Mimi was baptized this week! Woot! She was so excited! Her whole family came to watch too which was so cool. Even her dad Mateus came. It got him really excited for his baptism in a month. He had kind of a tough week, he relapsed once, but we´re not losing hope on him. At church yesterday he walked into the Gospel Principles class right as they started talking about alchool and he took that as a big punch in the face that it´s time to stop. We´re so excited for him and his family. He has 3 other daughters that are all wanting to follow Mimi´s footsteps and be baptized too. Cool stuff! 

Well anyways I hope that helps you have a little idea of what´s going on! I hope that you all had an awesome week! Keep on keepin´ on! LOVES!


Elder Hyde

Here are some pics of the baptism. Mateus is the man on my left.

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