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Monday, September 2, 2013


I had a really awesome week! I learned a lot, and we a lot of tender mercies of the Lord. 

First I´ll tell you about something really cool that happened yesterday. So yesterday about an hour after church got out we met this woman that was driving around looking for the church. We were out on the curb waiting for a taxi and she pulled up to talk to us. She said that her son was baptized in Portugal and that he has been nagging her for the last month to go and find the church. She said he is happier than he has ever been so she figured that she should go check it out. Anyways, she ended up getting out of her car to talk to us and she was beaming, you could tell how excited she was to meet us and to finally find the church. It was super interesting, for some reason it had taken us a lot longer to get out of the church than usual, and it just so happened that as we were walking out of the church´s big gate she drove by. The Lord works in mysterious ways! If worthy of it he will always guide our steps and use us as his insturements.

So Mimi wasn´t baptized this week, due to her dad´s work. But this week she made it clear that daddy or no daddy she is getting baptized. She is such an awesome girl, she is being an awesome example to her family. Through her example and the example of Fulai and Salvador majority of their family is now sitting with us. Her and dad and aunt both made it to church this week and have already accepted baptismal dates. It is so true that our example really speak so much louder than our words. I talked a little about her dad last week, Mateus. He has a drinking problem but has decided that it´s time to change, and he knows that the Gospel is what is going to make that change. Yesterday we had a real heart to heart with him and he expressed how much he wants his daughters to love him and respect him. He´s a single dad and hasn´t necessarily been the greatest poppa. But now he´s ready to step up his game. He asked us to start passing by everyday so that he can get rid of this stupid addiction that he has. I am so excited to see the change in this man! He has already shown a big change and I´m confident that it´s all up hill from here for him and his whole family. 

There are good things in the works! I am so grateful for the fact that we don´t have to do this work alone. It would be impossible without the Spirit´s guidence. It´s all true!!!!! 


Elder Hyde

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