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Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos S.U.D.
Caixa Postal 18404
Luanda, Angola

Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm sure you all heard the news about Angola and the 57 other missions
that will be opening! SO COOL! The Lord's putting a full court press
on missionary work. We are all so excited about the news and about the
fact that we're going to be getting a mission president all to our
selves. It's really been one of the only things holding this country
back. WOOT! We are all estatic!
It was a really good week as well. We got some work done for sure. We
were able to see a lot of our investigators progress quite a bit. We
started teaching a couple named Francisco and Elise this week, and
they are awesome! They have a 5 cute little kids and as of right now
are loving what they're hearing. They're not the most
educated/literate people in the world but the good thing about the
Gospel is that it's for everybody! Francisco had to go up to Luanda
this week because his mom is sick but Elise brought a few of the kids
and really enjoyed it. One of the keys is just getting investigators
to church, because we can tell them all day that our church is
different but until they come and see they don't really appreciate it.
This couple has some real potential! Unfortunately they aren't married
like 90% of the people are here but we'll jump that hurdle when we get
to it.
Something that has been going on lately in Luanda is that government
has shut down like 5 big churches and they're doing investigations on
them. One of them is the Igreja Universal, I'm asssuming it's the
Universal Church in english haha. They have tricked so many of these
people here. Who knew that you could buy miracles for only a few
hundred bucks! I'm assuming and hoping that they won't be opening back
up. They have this great and fairly spacious building in the center of
the city that has been looking pretty quiet lately.
Yesterday church was super satisfying! We had 90 people there which is
our high for the last few months. Ever since December everyone has
been slacking quite a bit. We had 6 investigators there and over all
it was just an awesome three hours! I taught Gospel Principles again
and there were a solid 50 in the class haha.
I'm so incredibly happy right now, it's impossible to express the joy
that comes from seeing people change their lives and come unto Christ.
Life is good!
Have the best week ever!


Elder Hyde

Lukey> or should I say Lebron! Good luck this week dude!
Sam> Good luck to you too! I'll be praying for ya! You got served!
Syd> Get better dude! You rock!
Con> Good luck with your elections too bruh. #mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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