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Monday, February 11, 2013

Awesome Week!

What is up?! This week was one of the best weeks I've had in a little while.
I'll start with a tender mercy that happened to me this week. So last P-day we were up at a park playing soccer with a few of the branch members and their friends and I decided to bring my camera to take some pictures because the park is really pretty. Sometimes we see monkeys so I wanted to catch a few pictures of them. But... while we were playing soccer someone opened my bag and took my camera. I didn't realize it was gone until we got home. They were super sneaky too cause Sister Violin was sitting right there. But the tender mercy is that I had already been talking to a guy that was going to the middle east on business for his electronics company and he said that he'd pick me up a camera. I'm not sure why I felt like I needed a new camera but I guess the Lord new! I stopped by his store today and picked it up. He was a champ and only charged me cost. Tender mercies!
This week we also made our way up to Luanda for Mission Conference! It was so awesome! We left Thursday afternoon for our flight, it wasn't bad, only about an hour. While we were walking off the plane onto the tarmac we could already feel the heat.. It was like a wall. We are super lucky in Lubango with the weather. Anyways, we got picked up at the Airport by one of the brazillian couples and they took us to where we would be staying. We stayed with Elder Davis and 3 other kids. Awesome guys. The conference was the next day. It was so awesome to re-unite with all of the other missionaries! And to meet all of the new missionaries! It's crazy how many new Elders have gotten here since I left Luanda. Everyone seems to be doing super good. We then had our all day training from Elder Cook. He is an incredible man! One of the more spiritual men I've met in my life. He told us everything that we needed to hear. He talked a lot about as a missionary and a mission president he always wished that he would have been there at the beginning or at the harvesting in the places he was serving, Germany and New Zealand, and he told us that that is the time right now in Angola and that we need to realize that we truly are laying a foundation for the future of the church here in Angola. I think it helped all of us wrap our heads around the utter importance of this work. We can't afford to slack off or not give it all that we have. It was definitely the best conference I've had since being here in Angola. We have incredible leaders. It was sad to say goodbye to all of the Elders but I was super excited to get back to Lubango to apply everything that we learned.
Work wise this week was very succesfull. Elder Sande and I were able to find two new families that seem to have a ton of potential. We'lll see what happens with them!
Once again I am absolutely in heaven! I love this work so much! I hope you all have an awesome week! Happy Valentines Day!
Elder Hyde
Lukey, Props on the big win buddy! Good luck at your tourney!
Con, Keep killin it in escola bruh.
Sam, You looked awesome at that dance!!
Syd, thanks for the email kiddo! You'e the best!
1. On the Tarmac
2. Us gettin ready to head to the airport.
3. Elder Clifford, Montgomery, and I
4. Elder Davis and I
5. Montgomery and I on the airplane

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