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Sunday, November 25, 2012


It was a really super good week! A lot of awesome things happened. Let me tell ya about them!
President Kretly was here with us until Thursday so we had him come with us a to a few lessons. I'm so glad that we did! I learned a ton of really awesome things. We took him to a lesson with one of our investigators name Leonel, and it was so cool. Leonel has been being taught for about 2 months now and has been progressing really well, just for some reason we hadn't set a Baptismal date with him. President Kretly changed that. haha. Elder Kelsey's teaching style is one where you teach very slowly and in depth to make sure they understand, where Presdinet's is more of boom, boom, boom, boom style. He says teach what Preach My Gospel says and then move on, there is no need for more detail at this point of conversion. I agree with him. So basically in that lesson we taught Leonel the Word of Wisdom, Chastity, and Tithing which usually would have taken us 3 lessons, and now he is getting Baptized on Saturday! Woot! He is super excited! He will definitely be a leader here in Lubango. (I think he was in that video I sent)
We also had an awesome opportunity to just sit and chat with President for a few hours the night before he left. It was really cool. I have a lot of respect for that man.
Last week I told you about our investigator Toni, he is doing awesome! We see him twice a week and every time he is so receptive and just loves it. Haha it's funny last few times he's come he's brought us something, one time he brought us some bread and this last time he brought a bunch of chalk for the church. He's such a champ. He should be getting baptized here in the next few weeks.
 Yesterday at church we watched a big Africa wide Stake/District conference. It was super cool! The Prophet spoke along with Elder Christopherson and a few other people. We had a solid 9 investigators there and 80 people in total! It is always good for the members here to be able to see and hear the Prophet, everyone always is so happy after. As of right now I think our branch here has about 40 or 50 members here. I don't know the exact number.
Oh yeah another really cool thing! One of the members down here got his mission call this last week! He's going to Mozambique! He will be the first missionary out of Lubango. It is so cool/inspiring to see all of these people down here so willing to serve the lord so soon after baptism. They get it!
I 'm not sure what it is but I have kind of been under the weather this past week or so. It's not too bad, I can still go out and work and stuff but it's just annoying cuase my nose is constantly running. Good thing there are tons of huge African leaves around to blow it:)
I love this work so extremely much and I am so glad that I have the opportunity serve in this part of the Lord's vineyard. My testimony is streangthened every single day as I see all of these people changing their lives. The Savior knows and loves every single one of us. I know it.
Congrats to Alex and Morgan!!!
I love you all so much! Keep on keepin on!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Elder Hyde
Con- Sounds like you had a blast! Plan on doing that again here in about a year and a half!
Syd- I hope you had an awesome week! Love ya!
Sam- Glad to hear that school is keepin ya busy! Keep it up!
Luke- I'm rootin for ya buddy! Pop some 3's for me!

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