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Monday, November 26, 2012


It was another really awesome week down here in Lubango! It is crazy that I have already been here for a month.
This week my man Leonel was baptized, he was so excited.  Iºll try to send a picture today if the internet permits. He is a 25 year old guy that is going to be a great leader for the church here in Lubango.  Funny story. So yesterday when he was getting the Holy Ghost, President Marques said `Receive the Holy Ghost` and Leonel under his breath said, ´Received´. I guess he really felt it! So cool!
I got a call from Elder Hobbs this week telling me that this guy named Dani was baptized last week. I am not sure if I already told you all about him. One day Elder Hobbs and I were walking down the street and this guy with gnarly dred locks stopped us and asked us for something to read, we gave him a pamphlet and 2 weeks later we saw him again and he said he wanted to talk more about what he read. The guy is so calm and chill. Totally Rastafarian. Elder Hobbs said it was pretty funny baptizing him with his huge dreds. So cool!
Thanksgiving was an awesome day! We worked all morning and then went over to the Violins for dinner. Sister Violin cooked all of the meat and then we each cooked our only little something, with my wide span of cooking skills I whipped up some rice. Haha. While we were there she also told me about Camille´s mission call!!!! WOOT!!!! Long Beach is one lucky place!
It is going to be another really good week. Toní is getting baptized on Saturday and couldn´t be more excited. If anything is ever happening at the church he is there without fail. He is about 25 as well. He has a friend named Felix who usually is in the lessons with us that should be getting baptized here in few weeks as well.
I love it down here in Lubango! The field is so white!! The church is true!
I love you all! And hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!
Elder Hyde
Con, Holla at the shred yo. I hope youre using my board. Do it. Lamar aint got nothing.
Sam, I always love getting your emails! Go cats!
Syd, I hope youºve enjoyed your break from dance yo.
Luke, I love you so much buddy! Im thankful for you!!!

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