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Friday, June 15, 2012

Elder Radio Star

I've been here for 16 days! That's crazy! The first week kinda dragged on but know the days are just flying by. I'll be out of here before I know it. Thank you so much for the awesome package! There's nothing better than Camille's indoor smores. All the Elders on our floor love them too. David makes sure he gets one every night. haha.
So here's the deal with the BBC. On Friday night the head of Operations here at the MTC came into our class and informed us that the BBC would be here on Monday and that they wanted to Interview our district. What the?! We had only been in the MTC for a week at that time so we were pretty confused. He said that they had done some research and picked us for a reason. He said  that the interview had something to do with a segment on Romney. So he went on to prep us with questions that they were likely to ask us. "Why are you serving a mission?" "Why did you pick Angola?" "Are they controlling your every move?" "Are you serving so that you can be a better missionary?". Yeah our jaws dropped as I'm sure yours has too. We thought it was going to be a nice easy interview, but nope they were preparing us to get drilled! Luckily he said that the Church Public affairs guy, Doug Anderson, was going to be there. So, he said if we didn't want to answer any questions we could direct the question to Doug. He then went on the tell us how 110,000,000 people watch the BBC, so we shouldn't be nervous... yeah right... We were pretty pumped yet scared out of our pants. So then monday rolled around and we all felt pretty ready for it. We cleaned our classroom, pollished our shoes, and were looking pretty fresh. 10:30 came around and in walked this big English guy rockin' a bright pink shirts, tons of chest hair hangin out, and bright red socks with his black pants and shoes. AWESOME. But we noticed that there were no cameras... I guess it was just for the BBC radio, but still, way cool! He didn't ask us the questions that we were prepared for. He just asked us questions about being Mormon and growing up Mormon. Things like "How does it feel when people are misinformed on your religion?" "What do you do for fun since you can't drink?". Weird stuff like that.. It was easy. I guess it aired this Wednesday all across Europe. They are going to send us the clip so that we can listen to it. I'll be sure to send it on to you guys as well. We got a picture with the crew so watch for that when I send my Memory card. That was the exciting part of the week!
Sunday was an awesome day. The sabbath is bomb here in the MTC. We had sacrament meeting and President Mciff was there cause we were getting a new counselor in our branch presidency. It's always good to see him and his wife. They are the greatest! Sunday's we always get to go on a walk up to the temple and just hang out for a bit which I love! I got a ton of good pictures with my zone, district, etc. Then on Sunday night there is always a fireside, this week it was Stephen Allen, he's like the managing director of the Missionary Department. It was super good, he spoke on the importance of not being critical (yeah, you know I needed that, haha). He showed a bunch of the church's old commercials. It was great.
The thing I look forward to most everyday is gym:) Pretty much our whole zone plays soccer, it's the best! We have two English guys, two Kiwis (who try to play like rugby and take everyone out), and then a few latinos, so it's super fun! I had a really good game on monday, I had like two goals or something, it's too bad that Just Go Disco didn't have the same kind of game as me... haha.
Half of our zone leaves on Tuesday so that is going ot be super sad, there's like 22 of them or something like that. I've grown pretty close to a few of them, but I'm pumped that they get to go out to the field. Our zone is just going to be my district and the one other district that came in with us. And we're not supposed to get new missionaries for like 3 weeks, so there will only be 13 of us in the zone for a while. Good thing they are all way cool guys. I love the other district. Two of them are going to Angola, Stewart and Cafferty, they're super cool guys, we are going to have an awersome two years together.
For the Tuesday night Devotional, Elder Per Malm from Sweden spoke to us. He is hilarious! He spoke to us about the attributes of a succesful missionary. Desire, Work, and Faith. I took some good notes, I'm sure they'll help me through out my mission. After each devotional we have a district meeting and talk about what we liked, our branch president, President Braithwaite and his wife came and joined us. It was great. PS. Did she ever send you a picture of us at the temple? She said she was going to text it to our moms if we gave her your number. Hopefully you got it! If not I'm sending home my memory card today with all the picture I have this far :)
I have loved getting all of your Dear Elders! Keep um comin! I love hearing from you guys.
Sam: I didn't hear from you yet this week but I'm sure it's on it's way! I hope you had an awesome week and enjoyed your last few day as a 15 year old! I'll throw a party for you here in the MTC. It sucks that I'm missing another birthday... I'll be there for your 18th though! Love you!
Syder: I haven't heard from you either, but I'm sure its on the way too! Camille said your Dance thing was awesome! I hope you had a good week! Love you sis!
Luke: DUDE! I need to see that picture of you with the Wolfman and Devonte! I'm glad you went to that camp! Dad said you had way fun! I love you buddy and hope that you're having a good summer!
Have fun at the cab! I love you guys so much and really do appreciate your support! Ya'll are the best!!!
Keep it real!
Elder Keats

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