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Sunday, June 3, 2012

1st Letter From Elder Hyde!

...so...this place...is awesome! It really has been awesome the last few days. People always say the first day is the worst. If thats the case, then this shouldn't be too bad!
My comp's name is Elder Brown. He's a super cool kid from SoCal. My district consists of 6 elders. Me, Brown, and Clifford are going to Angola and then Love, Singer, and Tyler are going to Portugal. 4 of us are in 1 room and the others are in another.
So the first day we had a welcome conference with the MTC presidency. They announced that there were 422 if us new elders. Guess out of those 422 got to go up and say a few things...me!!! Tell Greg thanks for me! Haha, it was good though :)
Our Portuguese teacher is cool. She served in Brazil, her name is Sister Hart. She only speaks to us in Portuguese, which is fine. I'll just learn it faster.
Sorry this has to be quick, they only let us send you guys one letter to tell you that we're safe! I'm safe! My P-Day is Friday so thats when I'll be emailing. Don't worry about me! I'm loving it!
Oh yeah, and my first night I found out that David Davies is roomed right next to me! So that was nice :)
I love you guys and will email on Friday! You guys are awesome! Tudo bem! 
Elder Hyde

Keato and his new companion Elder Brown from California at a fireside

Elder Hyde and his cousin Josh at a fireside on Sunday


  1. VERY COOL looking blog! WOOO HOOO!!! So excited to read about E. Hydes great adventures! He's going to be awesome! Post his pictures on here, too! That would be even more awesome! Love you and Boa Sorte Elder Hyde! Te amo!!

  2. MUITO MELHOR!!! Thanks a bunch!a LOVE the pictures and Love E. Hyde!