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Monday, June 11, 2012

Elder Keato Hits the Big Screen!

Yo family,
This has to be short, but I had to tell you! So today a guy came into our class and informed us that our district is going to be filmed by the BBC! 110,000,000 viewers! They are going to come and film our district. It has something to do with Romney.
So by the time you get this it'll already have happened. They're coming in Monday to do it. It won't be on for a few weeks though. I don't really know much yet... I just had to tell ya'll! It's pretty nuts! Of all the districts in the MTC they picked us! It'll be a super good experience and opportunity! I'll let you know how it goes! 110,000,000 peeps! All of Europe but still! I'll let you know where you can watch it too. Let Camille know! "I just think it's really rude" (he's talking about the time he was interviewed by Fox when he was 12 after their lacrosse goals got stolen, thats all he could say about the incident, we don't really let him forget it) Hopefully I do a little better this time!
Love Ya!
Elder Hyde

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