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Monday, December 17, 2012

Awesome Week!

(Sorry I'm behind! I had finals and forgot to post last week's letter!)

Another awesome week! I can't complain at all.I have a lot to tell you
all about.
So on last Monday night we went over to Albertina's house (I think I
talked about her in my last email), and we asked her she had prayed
about a baptisimal date. She then went on tell us about a dream that
she had after our last lesson. Basically in short she had a dream
about the necessity of baptism and decided that this past Saturday was
her day! We were incredibly shocked and excited. She was definitely
more than ready to be baptized. So yeah! Albertina got baptized on
Satudray! Elder Kelsey was pretty bummed that he was going to miss it
because of transfers. The baptism went perfectly, she picked me to
baptize her and I was pretty nervous we wouldn't get it done on the
first go because she is a pretty tall lady, but it all went well! SO
This next Saturday my man Felix is getting baptized. He is Toni's (who
got baptized last week) bestfriend. The work is going so incredibly
well down here in Lubango! Felix will be our 4th consecutive baptism.
The Lord truly is placing tons of very prepared people in our path. I
am so grateful.
Yesterday at church Toni and Leonel both received the Priesthood and
were way excited. As was I. These guys are all progressing so well and
absolutely loving the Gospel and the presence of the Holy Ghost in
their lives.
Elder Sande arrived on Thursday and we went right to work. But I think
maybe a little too fast because he was then sick the whole next day...
haha. He is an awesome guy, like I said in my last email he has been
out about 20 months now and is Mozambican. He is a super nice kid and
a great missionary. I am going to learn a lot from him. Especially
language wise. I was wrong about the pretty good at English thing...
haha. He knows quite a few words but we haven't really had an English
conversation yet. There will be a lot of thing I need to adjust to,
but that isn't a bad thing! It'll be a great transfer! We took him to
the clinic on Friday night and it turns out he has "Polydisimo", it's
like the beginning stages of Malaria, but they got him on some good
drugs so he'll be fine. And he African so he's tough. haha
A few weeks ago Elder Kelsey and I met a guy name Julio who said he
was baptized in Germany 2 years ago. We tried to call him for awhile
and he would never answer but this week he called us wanting to meet
with us, so we met! It was such a cool lesson we had with him. He
braught his baptisimal certificate and Aaronic priesthood certificate.
He explained to us how he was lost and that he wanted to come back. He
has lived here for 7 years and had no idea that the church was here.
He asked us if we had that Joseph Smith book, haha, we were happy to
reply yes. He admitted that he has a lot to change, but that he is
ready to do it. I called him Saturday night to remind him about the
Baptism and he sounded a little different and said that he was coming.
He came. Wasted. But it's all good, we're here to help him! And that
we'll do!
This week I got absolutely attacked by the bugs... I counted yesterday
60+ bug bites all around my body. haha. They're not mesquitos, but we
haven't really found out what they are yet. But, we're going crazy on
my bed to make sure they don't come back. I'm still yet to find a
single bug in my bed. Crazy. I'm totally fine though. They just itch
like crazy.
I am so blessed to be able to be out here serving the Lord! It is such
a blessin! There is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone change
their life for the Gospel. This branch down here in Lubango is growing
like crazy and I'm so glad that I am here to see it. THE CHURCH IS
Woot woot for Grandma joining the Mission Field this week! You're awesome!
I love you all and hope that you all are having an awesome CHRISTmas season!
Elder Hyde
Con. Sa'll good bruh. Hope it's cuz you're studying:)
Sam. I love you sis! Keep being awesome! Have fun with Luke at the
Dance!Drive safe in the snow!
Syd. You're a champ squidster. Loves!
Lukey. You better win your game for me this week! Love you man!

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