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Luanda, Angola

Monday, May 12, 2014

Keep on Keepin' On!

Every week I learn a little bit more about the Savior and His atonement. Grace is something I knew very little about before my mission, but now that I have been in dyer need of it almost every day I have come to figure it out a little bit. Christ overcame death so that in the end we can be saved, but He suffered for our sins, pains, and afflictions so that we could make it to the end. The straight and narrow path isn't an easy path to follow. There are so many things trying to force us to fall from the path, but at the same time there are SO many resources available to us if we want to use them. Heavenly Father didn't set us up to fail. Nor did he send us here without purpose. As we teach people the plan of salvation it is so cool to see the light turn on in their minds. So many people think that we are here by chance and that everything bad that there is in the world is thanks to father Adam. If they could only realize that it is thanks to Adam that there is good in this wolrd as well. Everyone always looks at this life and God's plan so synically.. God loves us, I have no doubt. I am so grateful for the knowledge He has given us!
This week was a great one. I was taught once again just how lucky I am to have been given all that I've been given; an incredible family, the knowledge of the restored gospel, and a testimony of the Savior. I have loved so much the working in Huambo. There are so many people here that are prepared for our message. It has been so cool to see Jandira come alive as she has been studying the scriptures. She bore her testimony last week at church and it was so powerful! There is nothing better than seeing someone that you've taught bare testimony. Her family has been changing so much over the past month as they have seen Jandira. Her younger brothers are going to get baptized here in a few weeks. I love that family!  Words can't describe the way I feel about this mission that the Lord has let me serve. It is sacred to me. I love this work!
Thank you all, once again, for all of your prayer and support! I love you!

Elder Hyde