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Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Week!

Another awesome week in the books! I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing that and are probably starting to think that I just say that every  week just to try and stay positive. But I'm not lying! Life is good and I'm happier than ever! Weeks are flying by so incredibly fast! It's pretty crazy... But let me tell you about the week!
So as usual we have been looking for families super hard and this week we started teaching two really solid ones! So let me tell you about one of them. About 3 weeks ago as we were walking down the street a lady stopped us and asked us if we would be able to come and talk to her brother who is bed ridden and doesn't get many visitors. We were more than thrilled to do so. Basically he has a disease that is slowly eating away his body, I don't know much about it yet but he has to be helped with just about everything, he can't walk or control his legs. He's a super humble and positive guy though, his name is Martins. He's about 45 years old. So this last week went to visit him and his whole family happened to be there, his older sister Bela and her children and his younger sister Mina who stay and takes care of him. Bela is the one who stopped us in the first place. She is the sweetest lady! She studied in New York and speaks english. But anyways we taught them all the Restoration and it hit them all pretty hard. Bela loved the importance of the Priesthood. I love seeing it click in investigators heads. "It all makes sense!" We are super excited about them! We've been struggling on finding families so it was nice to be blessed with this awesome family! We got another also who was a reference from a member in Portugal. There are some good things in the works!!
It's crazy that another transfer has gone by! It feels like I just got to this area and it has already been 6 weeks...
I hope that you are all taking advantage of your last few weeks of summer! Have the best week ever!
I love you all!
Elder Hyde

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