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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What A Week!

Wow. Onother great week in the books. Let me tell you about it.
We'll start with the highlight of the week. One of our long time
investigators named Eddy was baptized! It has been really cool to see
him go through the conversion process. He was introduced to the chuch
by his best friend Pedro who has been a member for about a year now.
Eddy is a really special kid, he's 17 years old and is probably one of
the humblest kids I've ever met. He lives in a small, energyless house
with 5 other brothers and sisters. He doesn't complain that all of his
friends have televisions and running water, he's just happy to have
the necessities of life. Saturday his best friend Pedro baptized him,
the look on his face was priceless as he left the water. I asked him
how he felt after the baptism and he gave the answer most people give.
Light. Eddy is going to be a huge example for his other family
members. We are hoping that here in a few weeks his mother will be
baptized, and the cool thing is that he will be able to baptize her.
The Gospel has really brought this kid out of his shell, I'm excited
to see his progress over the coming months and years!
This week we started teaching some really cool people. Last Sunday
night we got a call from a member in Luanda telling us that one of his
relatives here in Lubango was having a lot of problems and that she
really could use a visit from us.  Her name is Carla and we first sat
with her last Tuesday. Before we even sat down she was already crying
telling us what's going on in her life. Basically she is having some
problems with her husband because of some financial issues. We shared
a quick message with her and then marked for another time to go back
and meet with her and her husband. Last night we met with both of them
and it was incredible. We taught them the restoration and explained
how applying the principles of the restored Gospel in the home will
truly make everything better. The problems might not go away but they
won't have the same impact as before. Before we left they were already
talking and laughing together again. She said that it has been awhile
since they've done that.
We also started teaching new guy named Albindimas this week. It was
really cool how we met him. We were waiting outside of a new families
house that we are going to start teaching and he casually walked up to
us and started chatting. Then he was like, "Hey you can wait for him
in my house if you want..." We gladly accepted and taught him the
restoration on the spot. He expressed to us how he doesn't really have
direction in his life and that he doesn't really know Christ, but he
wants to. We were happy to offer our help. It funny how these people
open right up to the missionaries without any hesistation. We look
forward to helping him form a relationship with his Savior. I'll keep
you updated on him!
Life is good down here in Lubango! The work is going better than ever
and I am not complaining at all. Yesterday the chapel was full once
again. I got to talk once again, it was awesome! I was asked to speak
on spiritual gifts and how we all need to develope the ones we have
been blessed with. It went really well.
I hope all is well! I love you all so much and am so grateful for your
prayers! Keep on keepin' on!!!

Elder Hyde

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