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Monday, September 17, 2012

Transfer #2 Begins!

Another really good week! This week was transfers but since I'm being trained it was no surprise that I'll be staying with Elder Hobbs in our area. Which I am totally okay with!
I feel like we really accomplished a lot this week, and made some really good progress with our investigators. On Saturday night we were able to set 5 baptisimal dates. AWESOME! We were able to have a really good lesson with Samuel (the guy from last week) and his brother Alberto. We talked about Baptism and the importance of authority, they had both already been baptized into other churchs but were super open and understood that authority is important. At the end of the lessons we set the date of October 6th for them to be baptized. They have definitely been prepared by the Lord! It's easy teaching them cause most of the time they do the teaching. haha.
So there is this member named Helena (the mom of Rebecca and Peugar, I sent pictures of them) who has been having a lot of money problems lately. She hasn't been able to find work in about 6 months... Basically long story short Elder Hobbs, Helena, and I all fasted on Saturday hoping that she would be able to find some sort of work, because her rent is due at the end of the month and she won't be able to pay it. She came up to us at Church the next day and said that she got a call from one of the places she applied and got the job! Wow! We were all so excited and grateful! My testimony of fasting definitely grew that day. The Lord truly will bless us if we put our faith in him.
Let me talk about our house for a bit.. haha. Out of the past 7 days we have had power for maybe 3. Usually the power just goes out for a few hours and then comes back on but it doesn't really seem to be coming back on lately... haha. It makes things interesting that's for sure. We still have water, but with out energy it doesn't get sent throughout the house so we get to bucket it out:) I really hope that it comes back on soon cause I really need to wash my clothes...haha. But that's just the blessing of Africa! We just need to tough it up and go with what we have! Because there are definitely a lot more people 100X worse off then us here in Luanda.
The one thing that I feel like I have really learned these past 7 weeks is that the Spirit truly does speak all languages. It doesn't matter that I am still kind of speaking Portuguese like a cave man. After all it's not me and my companion that are teaching, its the spirit.  And trust me I am so grateful for that!!
Big shout out to the UTES this week! Sounds like a pretty crazy game!
Com amor,
Elder Hyde
Luke- It sounds like you had a sweet game this week!! Keep killin it!
Con- Stoked that you made it on ESPN!
Sam- Glad to hear that your a tennis champ!
Syd- Thanks for the email sista!!!
1. There's everything here in Luanda! We made it out to the beach last PDay
2. Me and my two favorite kids from the orphanage. Jelson and Alberto
3. All of us with President and Sister Renlund

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