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Monday, September 24, 2012


Whoops, I'm slackin. I accidentally forgot to post this on the 3rd. Sorry ya'll!

Man! I can´t believe that I have already been here for a month! It has been the fastest/slowest/craziest/awesomest month of my life. I truly have learned so much already about this Gospel and about myself.

President and Sister Thompson got hear on Saturday! Woo! All of us missionaries were really excited! I only got to meet him breifly but he seems like an amazing man!

This week went by really well, we were all kind of curious as to see what elections would be like, but they turned out to be fairly calm. We made sure that we avoided any possible trouble, and the members were good to let us know about anything that was going to happen. Like I mentioned in my last email we were in the house a little earlier for a few days just to be safe and then on Friday we all stayed in our houses and from what I hear so did the rest of Angola. haha. The people that we talked to said that Friday has been the most calm day in a really long time. But hey, better safe than sorry!

Even though the week was kind of slow we still had a lot of cool experiences. This last sunday (yesterday) we had a member of the 70 at our branch which was so cool! It was Elder Bricknell, from South Africa. Super cool man! He was just what the branch and us missionaries needed to hear. During Priesthood he spoke to the branch about missionary work and it should be done on their part! Woo! We definitely could use some help from the members. He talked to them about the importance of simply just getting them to church, if they can do that then they can introduce them to us and works a lot smoothly that way. He really just got them pumped up and helped them realize the importance of it. It was also good for the members to see someone a little higher up in church, most of them are really super new and haven´t had the opportunity of hearing from someone like him. He also spoke to us a little about truly giving everything that we have to this work. We need to serve 24 month missions and not 22 month missions. And what he meant by that was don´t waste any time. It really got us pumped and ready to go out and work 10 times harder. 

And the really cool thing is that this week we get another 70! On Tuesday we are having a training with Elder Renland of the 70 and President Thompson. President Kretly was going to come from Mosambique but he had Visa problems. But I think he is coming here in the next few weeks. The training will be with all of us Elders here in Luanda, I think there are about 20. I´m super excited! In the MTC we were blessed to hear from a 70 almost twice a week. So it will be really nice! Elder Renland is also going to have a devotional for all of the members on Tuesday night, it will be super good for them. We are going to try super hard to get a lot of our investigators there to feel the spirit that will most definitely be there. 

We have been making some really good contacts lately, like I said before, everyone is super open to hear what we have to say. 

This week I also went on a few divisions cause my companion is District Leader. And it was really nice to see how other Elders teach and do things. I really got an idea of what potential Elder Hobbs and I have. 

With us having to stay in the house a little more than normal I have been able to get a lot of good studying in. I love the scriptures! I don´t think I really appreciated them as much as I could have before the mission.

Oh yeah! Somehow we got a little keyboard in our house and I am killer on the piano... Not really.. But I can play a few hymns haha. Fun stuff. 

Go UTES!!!!! I´m happy to hear that we got our first win of the season!

Big shout out to Connor and his B-day this week! 22! 

That´s all from me here! I love you all! Keep on keepin´on!

Fica Bem,

Elder Hyde

Luke- Keep workin hard at football buddy!
Sam- Props on making Varsity!
Squid- I´m jealous you got to go to that concert!
Con- 22 never looked so good!

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