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Monday, March 10, 2014

New Chapter!

Well, this week I started a new chapter of my mission! One that I am sure I will never forget. I was sad to leave my last area but at the same time anxious for the adventure ahead of me in Huambo. Early Wednesdaymorning I caught a flight with another Elder, Elder Rigby, and we were on our way. When we landed Elder Fontaine, Tilley, and Tingey were all waiting outside for us. I’m so excited to be serving with Elder Fontaine again, he’s an incredible person. Elder Tilley is also with us until he goes home next week. He’s a great missionary and It’s been great working with him. He has been serving as branch president down here for the last 6 months or so. The branch is very small and is still in its first year of being a branch. Yesterday at church there were a little over 40 in attendance. So President Merrill was down here this weekend to release Elder Tilley and about 30 minutes before sacrament meeting he called me to be the new branch president. I was caught completely by surprise and felt an instant feeling of inadequacy, but minutes after I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and the words of President Monson once again came into my head, “Whom the Lord calls the Lord qualifies.” I know that this is going to be an incredibly humbling experience for me and that I am going to learn so much. You can guarantee that I will be trusting in the spirit more than ever. I love these people so much already and I am so excited to work with them and truly hasten the work of salvation here in Huambo. This branch needs so badly a local branch president and hopefully in the near future one will be called. It’s possible that in the coming month one is called, but until then I’m going to serve with all I have and am!
This is the Lord’s work and we truly are bound to have success if we do it His way. He’s given us that promise. I have no doubt that this is Lord’s church and that now is the time for it here in Angola.
I hope that all is well and that you have a great week! Thanks for the prayers and love!

Elder Hyde

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