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Monday, January 20, 2014

One More In The Books

Well this week just flew right by... Time really needs to start slowing down. I'll warn you ahead of time that this email is going to be a little shorter than usual, time is short. Not that they are ever very long anyways. haha. 

I'll tell you about a really special experience that we had this week while working in our area. We were walking down a road that I had never been down before contacting around and looking for people to teach and we ran into a group of 3 young men and started talking to them. We walked right by them and the Spirit yelled at us and told us to go back and talk to them so we akwerdly stopped and went back to talk with them. We ended up sitting down with them and then taught the restoration to them. Soon after they asked us to follow them home so that we knew where they lived and could come back to teach them more. One of them, Emanuel, was especially interested and was really excited about learning more. We went back the next day to give them some copies of the Book of Mormon and to talk a little more with them. Emanuel said he had been reading the pamphlet all morning and wanted more. So that we gave! He is eating it all up. Then yesterday he came to church and had a great experience. I'm looking forward to working with them more. I am so grateful for the Spirit in this work! It would be awfully hard alone... 

Well, my week was great! Sorry that you only get an experience or two each week... Thank you all for the love and support! I love you all!


Elder Hyde

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