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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Good Life

Ya know, I am never going to get sick of being a missionary... I have never been more busy or more tired in my life, but I am so content and grateful for this opportunity that Heavenly Father has given me to serve Him and His children here in Angola. People always ask, "But aren´t you losing so much time and schooling during these two years?" We always, with a big smile on our faces, respond telling them how much experience and knowledge we are gaining during these two years of service. I wouldn´t trade these 2 years for anything! I only have 6 months left so Ineed to take advantage of every last second! 

I had an incredible week this past week. I got to go to Lubango! It was SO great to see all of the people that I love so much. The bus ride was quite the experience. The bus was suprisingly pretty nice, the air conditioning actually worked! I was hoping to get caught up on a lot of sleep but that didn´t happen... haha. I don´t know what it is but Angolans can talk and sing all night long without any problem... haha. I was the only white guy on both bus rides and on the way home I was pinned between a new mom and her month old baby and I don´t think she stopped breast feeding the whole ride. This is life! I love it! It was so good seeing the poeple I taught still strong and active in the church. I suprised Albertina and Alex and their reactions were priceless. It was so nice to sit down with them and catch up a little bit. We were thereMonday through Friday and it flew by.. My heart is still in that city! It still felt like home walking those streets. It was a great week! Sorry for the lack of detail...

Thanks for everything! Have the greatest week ever!


Elder Hyde

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