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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week Two!

What is up!!??

Two weeks down! It was another really great week. I feel like I´m finally adjusted and used to this crazy/amazing culture. 

So I forgot to mention it in my last email, but on my second day I went to my first Angolan funeral! Crazzzy! It was for one of the member´s mom. So basically how it works is you wait at the gate to the cemetary and then they carry the casket in while they´re singing and crying until we get to the grave site. (I wish I had a picture of the cemetary, it was super crowded and nuts). So we got to the grave site and a little Angolan man jumped out of the hole with his shovel so we could start. A few people spoke, including Elder Richter, and then they lowered the casket into the dirt hole while everyone was singing and stuff. Then we all sat there and watched them fill the dirt in. Definitely a little different than how they do them in the US of A. 

So this week, like I said, was awesome! The language is definitely coming a long, slowly but surely. This week we taught quite a few lessons and I´m starting to help more and more. Lessons are pretty stressful because I´m focusing so hard the whole time just trying to understand what´s going on and then when Elder Hobbs looks at me it´s time to rock and roll. I can definitely see progress though. :)  It was also a really good week because the Elders waiting in the US waiting for their visas, Elder Montgomery and Castleton, got here! And Elder Clifford got here on Saturday as well! We have a pretty awesome mission, all of the Elders are so solid. It was nice, I got to see all of them today while we were playing soccer. It´s so cool that we can all get together at President´s apartment and hang out together for a few hours. In Luanda right now there are like 20 Elders or so, and all of us get together on P-day. I still don´t know everyone but I´m getting there. Oh yeah, another great experience this week. We met a man on a taxi and gave him a pass a long card and he ended up calling us a few hours later and wanted to get together and talk with us, so we made an appointment to meet at the chapel. When the apointment came around we realized he was quite as interested in the Gospel as much as he was in us. Yeah.... He was gay.... We ended that lesson pretty quick and probably wont be having another one.. haha. There´s a little bit of everything here!  My second Sunday was awesome! I love how the church truly is the same even on the other side of the world. Even though we´re having sacrament meeting in what used to be a houses living room, we still renew the same covenants and feel the same spirit. 

These people are so amazing, I´m growing to love them more and more everyday. They are all so humble and for the most part really nice! It´s election month so it´s kinda crazy and going to continue to get more crazy. The President right now basically has a monopoly on Angola, he owns all of the major Angolan companies. His campaining strategy is make"Cuka" the countries beer dirt cheap two days before the election to make every like him and vote for him. Crazy. 

I´ll just kinda talk about the city for a sec. It´s crazy how trends transfer so fast. It seems like every Angolan boy is rockin´ the mohawk and dressing like kids from the US. haha. Also, like I said in my last email, there are extremely rich people and extremely poor people. Parked next to a shack with a tin rook you´ll see an 60 thousand dollar Range Rover or BMW. It´s pretty interesting. 

Sorry this one isn´t quite as long as the past ones... I sent some pictures so that took some time. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!

Elder Hyde

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